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A traditional taste of Kyoto welcomes diners at Tempura Endo

Written by Michelle Lyn | Photography by Kani Hahn

Alantern-lit stone pavement walkway delivers guests to the entrance of Tempura Endo, where the delicate fragrance of Japanese incense wafts through the air in a tranquil setting that seemingly transports one to the ancient city of Kyoto. Here, a quintessential dining experience is savored.

Tempura, food that is battered and fried, is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of eating healthy. Kyoto-style tempura, however, is prepared in a variety of oils that offer notable health benefits. Cottonseed oil (the highest rated tempura oil used at top-notch Japanese restaurants) has linoleic acid, effective for lowering blood cholesterol levels and vitamin E, which removes reactive oxygen, a main cause for aging, and prevents rough skin and dementia.

At Tempura Endo, guests are treated to the finest quality ingredients, flash-fried and seasoned with a careful selection of unique salts, which creates a lightly crisped tempura that is guilt-free. Guests have the option of dining at the eight-seat tempura bar, where a chef prepares dinner in front of them, or at table seats.

The evening ends with a traditional tea ceremony in a room that features a sunken hearth and mimics the elegant atmosphere typical of Kyoto, complete with sweet candies to finish the meal.

Tempura Endo
9777 S Santa Monica Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
310.274.02201 |

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