The Good Stuff

The Catalina Cooking Store satisfies all kitchen connoisseurs

Written by Constance Dunn | Photography by Paul Jonason

They’re like all the other items found at The Catalina Cooking Store: pragmatic and high-quality, stylish and meant to solve a problem. “I really thought there was a void for this kind of cooking store,” says Don Koeberle, a South Bay native who owns and operates the store with his wife Lianne. “I wanted a store that was meant for people who really love to cook.” Which means everyone from pro chefs to ardent home cooks, who wants stuff that works—and lasts.

Think of it as an antidote to big box stores filled with a scattershot of items that might be uncertain in quality. At Catalina, look for focused collections of cookware and practical kitchen gifts. The store stocks items needed for everyday cooking, from knives and cutting boards to baking and cooking utensils, but there are also thoughtful selections of gourmet foods and high-end cookbooks fresh off the press, and the occasional serving or tableware line from an interesting designer.

A notable niche at The Catalina Cooking Store is the arsenal of unique kitchen tools you won’t find anywhere else. Items that even the most ardent culinary type may not have, but wish they had years ago. One of them is the Garlic Twist, a $20 gadget that allows one to mince garlic without having to touch it. Another is a selection of cheerful silicon lids that form an airtight seal on touch, and cruise from refrigerator or freezer to microwave. (Tip: You’ll find such items clustered near the main counter.)

The Koeberles, who opened the store in 2012 and revolve many products around seasons and holidays, have managed to equip the place with almost any kitchen device one might need. “We certainly have to be discriminating to make sure everything we have is high-quality,” says Don.

“A lot of our cookware is either U.S. or European. Our bakeware is all U.S.-made. It really doesn’t matter where it comes from as long as it’s the best it can be.” Lest you think this means that prices are grand, it’s not the case. “You can spend as much as you want, or as little,” notes Don. Case in point: a stylish line of coastal-inspired Beatriz Ball servingware, handcrafted in metal, includes items from $40 to $190.

“Because we are a cookware store, I want to make sure we have everything you need as far as cookware,” says Don. There are non-stick cookware lines from Europe. Or if you prefer, stainless steel, cast iron, enamel cast iron or even carbon steel. “We have a lot of chefs that come in, and they know if they have to cater something and they’re in a pinch… we’re going to have the good stuff.”






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