Keith Kyle of South Bay Brokers

Keith Kyle, South Bay Brokers
After rising to the top in a successful sales career, Keith Kyle found his true passion in real estate—and in the South Bay. A Hermosa Beach resident for 17 years, Kyle has cultivated a client-driven philosophy focused on building long-term relationships.

Here, South Bay DIGS chats with this top-producing agent about his market-savvy, staying on the leading edge of technology, and passion for the place he calls home.

How did you get your start in real estate?

Keith Kyle: My wife was actually the one who thought real estate would be a perfect fit for me, and she was certainly right. I started in 2006, which was toward the end of the real estate bubble, and it quickly became a very challenging market. However, from 2007 on, I have been a top producer and my business has grown every year since.

What, specifically, makes you so passionate about the industry?

Keith Kyle: It’s hard not to be passionate about real estate, as it allows me to play such a big role in what is ultimately one of the biggest decisions in people’s lives. Real estate is a great long-term investment; for some it’s purely a financial decision, but for most of my clients it’s a life decision—helping them find a home that will have an impact on the rest of their lives.

Briefly describe your philosophy as a real estate agent. 

Keith Kyle: To put my clients’ needs first. It sounds a bit cliché, but it really is central to the way I work, and in my eyes it has a direct correlation to my long-term success. It has allowed me to build long-term relationships, which has meant repeat clients and a great deal of referral business.

You have lived in Hermosa Beach for over 17 years. What makes the area so appealing for homebuyers?

Keith Kyle: Hermosa Beach and the South Bay offer an incredible lifestyle that is hard not to love. We have the weather, the beaches, the award-winning schools, and we’re close enough to LA, the Westside and Hollywood to make it ideal for commuters, but with a much more relaxed pace of life. Something I love about the South Bay is that it is a destination town, which means that the people that live here do so by choice and most share a similar passion for the beach lifestyle.

How has your passion for the South Bay community contributed to your success in the industry?

Keith Kyle: In any job that involves sales it makes a huge difference to truly believe in what you’re selling, and the beach lifestyle and sense of community in the South Bay is something that’s easy to be passionate about. We have fantastic towns here in the South Bay with great schools; it’s hard not to be enthusiastic… It really is a great place to call home. That honest passion is seen by both homebuyers and sellers, which has translated into a very successful real estate career.

How does your expertise and knowledge of both the local market and area give you a competitive edge?

Keith Kyle: Not only is it critical to have a realtor that knows the intricacies of our local cities and neighborhoods but with so many homes selling off-market, my connections with other top local realtors are equally valuable to my clients.

Your goal is to have long-term clients. How do you cultivate these lasting relationships? 

Keith Kyle: It’s all about trust and looking at every relationship with a long-term mindset. Ultimately, when I put my clients’ long-term goals ahead of my own, it helps develop clients for life. This can mean telling a buyer that they should hold off on putting in an offer on a home that’s not quite right, or telling a seller that they should wait until a more high demand time of year. It’s likely cost me a sale or two, but ultimately it’s earned their trust—earned clients for life— and has helped grow my business through referrals.

What are your firm’s main areas of expertise?

Keith Kyle: Our agents are all full-time and very dedicated, and our focus is primarily on residential real estate in the Beach Cities. However, with the recently announced merger with Vista Sotheby’s International Realty, we will have an even greater focus on the local luxury residential market.

What distinguishes your firm from others in the same market? 

Keith Kyle: One of the many things that separate my business from others has been my long-term focus on technology and how it can help both my clients and my business. I have always tried to be on the leading edge of online marketing, using everything from professional property videos to customized property websites to social media. I want to make sure that the world sees my clients’ home in the very best possible light.

Photography by Kieron McKay

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