Micro Marketing – Macro Results

Effective Micro Marketing for Macro Results

According to eMarketer, global ad spending is predicted to reach $583.91 billion in 2017, with digital ads making up about 38% of that total.  Unfortunately, most of those ad dollars will go to waste – never reaching their intended and most relevant audience, and thus offering no return on investment.

The challenge that every marketer faces is how to best engage and delight consumers so they eventually become customers and brand enthusiasts.  We may be living in the digital world, but the landscape is overly crowded with messaging — that’s why is critical to filter out the “noise” and strategically target consumers who are most likely to do business with you.

The good news for real estate professionals looking to grow their business, the majority of your potential customers are located in a hyper-local geographical area, which may be comprised of one or several adjacent zip codes.

If you know where your prospects are — you’re halfway there.

Is Print Dead?

Now, you need to find a way to communicate to them directly in a manner that is relevant to your business offerings.  What are the best media channels to employ?

Once dominant and today vastly overlooked — local print.  Better yet, local print that is targeted to a specific audience that creates content and engagement around their specific needs.  We’re not talking about general interest lifestyle content, we’re talking about hyper-focused content and media that acts as a magnet that attracts and creates high engagement around a singular conversation.

Image this conversation being local real estate? 100% local real estate.

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Now imagine if you could leverage that conversation and communicate directly to that specific real estate audience with a set frequency that optimizes engagement with your brand, creates local mind-share and keeps you top of mind when these consumers are most likely to transact real estate.  Add targeted digital ad campaigns like Facebook & Google and deploy them cross-platform (mobile, tablet, video, email, search, display) and now you’ve created a true 360˙ marketing platform that is truly micro and turbocharged to create maximum exposure and velocity for your marketing.

Too good to be true?

No — that’s why DIGS exist. 

Learn how to leverage micro market media and create macro results for your brand.

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