M2 Money Moon

Call me crazy but I like good ole fashioned economics. Maybe that's why I chose business/economics as my major in college. Any econ buffs out there paying attention to the M2 lately?



Fun fact – I graduated from USCB, and am proud to be a Gaucho!

Well, then you know that the US M2 Money Supply has increased by 60.13% in the last 5 years – the M2 is at 21.73 trillion as of April 2022.

That’s crazy money baggage, sure to keep any inflationary flame lit.

What’s crazier is the full moon M2 money tide that is currently in full effect…

…starting with supply chains that got semi-permanently out of whack when COVID hit in 2020…

…and the consumer demand build-up “ready to explode – buy, buy, buy!” pressure just as the economy got the “get out of COVID jail” card…

…while the Fed was printing as much money as the printing presses could handle (limited only by the supply chain constraints in the paper market,) …

…all of which could only translate into a dramatic increase in the price of goods and services, which has an econ-fancy name called “inflation.”

And just like the moon’s magical gravitational pull, one so strong it generates a tidal force – that massive force that causes Earth and its water to move a la high and low tides, the M2 Money Supply is that full moon that’s now generating a tidal financial force.

Just replace the water with the money honey.

Maybe I should be an econ professor?…

…or stay the course as an unruly market(ing) muse?

No matter what your personal ecopinion is on the matter, we’re in for some rough sailing ahead folks.

And for goodness sakes, don’t panic and turn to the Wall Street goo-roos, or self-proclaimed market pundits for “what to do next” advice here, there is no need for that.

Just use that superpower that God gave all of us called common sense.

There is one problem here though – common sense is anything but common for most folks.

No, for some reason we prefer our cent$ to be uncommon.

For those young kids out there looking to get a business econ degree, I’ll save you the money and tell you everything you need to know.

Economies, like the weather, change over time…

… it’s cyclical and forms patterns, has seasons (like summer and winter,) and experiences weather “events” like storms, and other unforeseen seismic forces like pandemics and war.

And thus, a new economic season is now upon us…

…and it’s going to get very cold out there in econo-land, so bring your jacket.

Don’t let the “big econ words” like RECESSION, INFLATION, STAGFLATION, HYPER-INFLATION, and the like scare you.

Seasonal changes are not inherently “good” or “bad” things: they often happen without any added seasonal stimulus, if you will, others are made worse by overstimulating and agitating the underlying economic problems of the day.

Stay calm and let the OODA decision loop be your guide – that is, observe, orient, decide, and act.

And try to use common sense along the way.

The good news is there is lots of money floating around out there.

The bad news, too much money floating around is like that full moon high tide that causes floods in coastal communities – only this time it causes financial floods…

…an economic tidal force that creates higher prices for the goods and services you buy most…

…while the “surge in water” leads to asset bubbles in things like the stock, crypto, and real estate markets.

Oh, it’s bad out there, but I don’t want to bum you out here – I prefer to keep glasses “half full” and forecasts “sunny” with no chance of rain.

Just like the Fed…

…who (using uncommon senses no doubt) thinks it can create a soft-landing for this screaming towards earth ginormous financial asteroid…

 …which, using common sense?…

…ain’t happening.

But that’s just my “just saying, no nothing” econpinion.

What’s yours?

Either way, it looks like we’re in for one hell of a ride – so fasten your seatbelts, everyone.

Game Changer

What to do with all this FUD?

(FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.)

Change the game.

Remember, there are only two games going on in your world at all times – “their game” and “your game.”

My advice to you fine friend of the muse is to stop playing their game and start playing yours.

One where you control the inputs, so you can reap the outputs.

You can’t lose your game, but you will most certainly lose their game.

‘Cause they make the rules and can change them at any time.

Who is “they?”

Anybody but you.

Are you tracking me here?

It’s times like these to ask yourself the golden question:

“Isn’t there something better I could be doing?”

This very question has been weighing on me quite heavily of late.

It’s profound.  Deep.  Has a gravitational-like pull.

It’s your life, your time, your resources, your soul – choose wisely.

The world is about to slow down for you and give you that “once in a blue moon” opportunity to focus on what’s important.

Embrace it.  Lean into it.

Use the gravitational tidal tide to push you in the direction you want to go.

And stay unruly doing it!


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