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Get answers to some frequently asked questions.

The Basic FAQs

What is DIGS?

DIGS is the authoritative voice for luxury real estate in Southern California. Leveraging a target audience multi-media platform, DIGS magazines distributes over 105,000 per month to the most affluent neighborhoods in the South Bay and on the Westside of Los Angeles.

What is M3 Media?

Micro Market Media (M3) is a full service marketing and branding agency engineered specifically for the luxury real estate market. M3 offers a comprehensive suite of marketing services, which can also be integrated with DIGS magazine, which is the flagship brand of M3.

DIGS Magazine

How many copies does DIGS distribute?

  • South Bay DIGS | 30,000 magazines every two weeks
  • Westside DIGS | 22,500 magazines every two weeks

Combined circulation of over 105,000 luxury magazines per month.

What is the frequency of DIGS magazine?

DIGS is published 24x per year for each market – total of 48 per year.

South Bay DIGS alternates with Westside DIGS, so we a new magazine comes out every week.

Does DIGS have any special editions?

DIGS publishes (3) Special Editions Per Year. Talk to us if you’re interested in appearing in special editions.

Is DIGS only print?

DIGS is a multi-channel media and marketing platform that leverages luxury print, digital, social media, video and web across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Where can I see past editions of DIGS?

DIGS archives every edition online via our robust Interactive Digital Edition library.

Why work with us?

Who reads DIGS? What is the target audience?

DIGS serves as a hyper-local hub for “all things real estate” and targets home enthusiasts who are actively in the market to buy, sell, finance, build, remodel, design, etc. DIGS is a trusted and indispensable resource for local home consumers who use DIGS to source agents, lenders, architects, designers, and to find their next home.

How is DIGS different from general lifestyle magazines?

DIGS is all about audience engagement and customer ROI. For us, it’s always been more about solving our customers “how do I increase sales?” problem than “check out our cool magazine!”

We focus on relevance – it’s the most important pillar we leverage and how we differentiate in the over-crowded media space. DIGS is not a “real estate section” located in the back of a monthly lifestyle magazine or weekly community newspaper.

Our focus in singular in purpose – to be the authoritative voice of local real estate in the markets we serve. We connect those with a love of luxury real estate. It’s ultimately the connection of our audience with our marketing partners where we add value.


How do I advertise in DIGS?

We would love to partner with you and elevate your marketing! Click here to contact us or email us at | 310.373.0142

Does advertising in DIGS work?

We’re glad you asked because we’re passionate about delivering marketing results for our partners – that’s why we exist. Simply stated, we accomplish this by connecting a target audience with a local target market. In fact, over 85% of our advertising comes from repeat marketing partners.

What does DIGS offer?

DIGS delivers unsurpassed marketing exposure to a highly engaged and targeted audience of luxury home consumers. Check out our full suite of marketing services here.

I don’t have any listings, should I still invest in marketing?

“One of my favorite questions in which I always answer back with a question…’If you don’t have any listings, are you out of business?’ The reply is often ‘No, of course not’ ‘Well then, of course, you need to stay visible and invest in marketing!’ The fact is, this is the best kind of marketing – the opportunity to communicate to the local real estate market WHY they should do business with you and WHAT you have to offer and HOW you differentiate from your 5000 agent competitors.”

Warren Dow | CEO & Publisher DIGS

What if my listing sells during my marketing campaign in DIGS?

Perfect! The market LOVES to hear about how agents are PERFORMING in the market. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate to your next potential customer how you performed, that you’re busy selling homes, and ready for the next one. Be sure to point out exceptional performance, (i.e. closed in 2 days over asking! Multiple offers!)

Photo & Video

What is DIGStv?

The definitive film series on luxury real estate, architecture, design and living the good life in Southern California. Celebrating luxury real estate, architecture and design as we tour the most beautiful homes in Southern California and take an in-depth look at the people making it all happen.

Do you guys "do video?"

Yes, definitely. Our Video Marketing Services are extensive and often customized to the client. If you’re interested in making a video with us, give us a call or email us to discuss you’re specific project and budget. Take a look at some of our most recent projects.

Social media & more

Where can I find DIGS on social media?

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