Designer Lambs and Lions on Casa Cook Chania—A Hotel With A Mid-century Spirit

The Greek concept of “parea”—people sharing good moments together—epitomizes the philosophy of Casa Cook Chania, which is located on the coast of Crete (the largest of the Greek islands).

In Addition to Sophisticated Design & Idyllic Surroundings, Casa Cook Chania is a Family-friendly Hotel With a Mid-century Spirit

Surrounded by vegetation, the Casa Cook Hotel features views of the Mediterranean Sea and 106 rooms, which are nestled in villas clad in concrete and timber. The result of work from architectural firm K-studio, interior designers of Lambs and Lions, and stylist Annabell Kutucu, the project is a peaceful one.

Spaces combine mid-century references and sustainable design and are filled with natural light thanks to sliding glass doors that create a permanent connection between interior and exterior. The color palette is mostly beige and brown, and accessories feature many textures. Materials such as linen and rattan add warmth to every nook where pure lines prevail, and all rooms have their own terraces that act as invitations to admire the beautiful landscape; some of these also include a pool (private or shared).

“The resort is a choreographed interplay of light, shadow, and texture,” says Michael Schickinger, creative director at Lambs and Lions.

“The smooth concrete forms gradually separate and transform into more brutalist structures that seem to emerge, almost mythically, from the sand.”

Designed for contemporary families, Casa Cook Chania was developed in collaboration with experts in education and family travel, as well as with a group of 25 children. With its brutalist architecture, sleek interior design and Mediterranean ambiance, Casa Cook Chania is the perfect destination to spend a memorable vacation.

Lambs and Lions

Photographs: Courtesy Of Casa Cook Hotels

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