Jeff Stimpfig of JDS Outdoor Designs Discusses Artistry & Exterior Design

Jeff Stimpfig, JDS Outdoor Designs

“I’ve been an artist and a designer my entire life,” confesses Jeff Stimpfig, owner, designer and contractor at JDS Outdoor Designs. “I eventually evolved my natural creative skills into the world of residential architecture, landscape design and construction.”

Indeed, at a young age, the Manhattan Beach-born Jeff Stimpfig showed an interest in architecture, drawing floor plans, buildings, and structures. His interest in design led him to an education in landscape architecture and he launched his Hermosa-based business in 2004. “JDS Outdoor Designs has heavily evolved over the years, starting out doing more softscaping, landscaping and planting projects,” he explains.

“Today our projects consist more of hardscaping and architectural elements within the space,” says Jeff Stimpfig. We execute all size projects, however, our forte lives within this arena of landscape architecture.”

JDS Outdoor Designs services include pool and spa builds, irrigation, potting and lighting installations, outdoor kitchens and dining areas, larges pergolas and fire pit lounges, as well as rooftop decks and full exterior makeovers, among other projects.

“We are very lucky to live in a place where we can use our outdoor spaces 365 days a year, which is why we focus so much of our energy on transforming these areas into livable functioning rooms,” Jeff Stimpfig says. “Why not utilize and maximize your yards to their full potential? This means creating areas within it that work much like your interior spaces.”

Characterized by its modern style, the JDS Outdoor Designs team is currently working on nine projects. This includes one that blends contemporary and traditional references through Cape Cod accents mixed with clean contours and materials; another follows a strictly straight-line approach.

“Our primary focus is to create outdoor transformations from small projects to large ones with a common goal to enhance our clients’ outdoor living spaces, providing an indoor-outdoor effect,” explains Jeff Stimpfig.

“Our clients typically understand the importance of design, architecture and how essential it is to take full advantage of their outdoor spaces.

Our ultimate goal is to first and foremost listen to their needs and execute accordingly; however, it’s also paramount that we show our clients new ideas of what they can do and what potential lives within their outdoor areas.”

To help imagine the final result, JDS Outdoor Designs uses technology, which has become a real asset in differentiating the firm from its competition. “It gives us the ability to visualize exterior spaces, create them in digital format and build them into actual living spaces,” Jeff Stimpfig says. “There are no surprises for our clients because we present them with multiple drawings, 3D renderings, CAD drawings, material research and from there, we execute the plan.”

Inspired by many residential architects in the Los Angeles area, Jeff Stimpfig translates “their ability to create well-thought-out homes with multiple functioning spaces throughout the structure” to outdoor spaces. With more than 180 projects already complete, JDS Outdoor Designs continues to grow its portfolio based on a holistic approach, where every detail matters and becomes an essential part of the whole.

Jeff Stimpfig, JDS Outdoor Designs

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