Applause or Purpose?

A weighty question indeed. But, let me ask it again, because it may be the missing ingredient in whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish in your life. Are you doing what you’re doing for “applause” or “purpose?”

Do you seek clapping hands, commendation, and approval?

Or are you on an unresolved mission to fulfill a purpose that is unique to you?

Which one do you think will lead to a more fulfilled life?

I’m not here to tell you the “correct” answer, to each their own.

My purpose here is to expand your way of thinking about what it is you allocate your precious time doing each and every day.

A personal story if I may.

Early in my life and career, I was in fast pursuit of “applause.”  And the more I got, the more I needed it, and the more I wanted it.

Sure enough, I found a way to get it—and became hooked.

My career was a fast accession to the “top”—the “C-Suite,” the “star attraction” of the business show, the one who gets the most applause.

After a while, it started to feel different—I began to ask myself, “where do I go from here?” and I began to think more deeply about my purpose.

I lost my beloved sister Julie that same year, she was only 43 years old. Julie had type 1 diabetes since the age of 9 and fought bravely through a myriad of medical issues for decades, never losing hope—a beacon of inspiration to anyone who had the fortune to meet her.

My personal epiphany had painfully arrived.

In a moment it became clear—my pursuit of applause was devoid of purpose, and I had lost my very soul along the way.

Julie’s lifelong gift to me (among many) gave me permission to change my paradigm—to leap into the void and find a purpose.

With purpose, there is no “win” or “lose,”—it’s self-evident only when it’s self-evident.

And that’s exactly when my journey as an entrepreneur began.

So, whatever journey you’re on – ask yourself “why” you’re doing it?…

…for the applause, the likes, the social dopamine high?…

…for approval from someone or something that you have not yet defined?…

…for permission?

The answers lie in the questions—just make sure you’re asking the right ones and the rest

will take care of itself.

Straight Lines + Spider Webs

You already know the answer to the question…

…what’s the shortest distance between two points?

Most will say a straight line.

But, as it turns out, this is only partially true—as the shortest distance between two points depends on the geometry of the object in question.

Geometry, one of the oldest branches of mathematics, is quite thought-provoking in the context of “applause/purpose” as it relates to the “shortest distance between.”

Because everyone is in a hurry…

…in a hurry to get to the “top”…

…in a hurry to move “faster” and shorten the duration or distance between “here and there”…

…in a hurry to get what they’re looking for…

…to get “where they want to be” in a straight line.

But, like geometry, it’s more complicated than trying to connect straight lines.

Life has geometry, and everyone’s personal geometry is different.

The geometry of life is just like a spider web—with lots of intricate lines, surfaces, properties, and relations of points.

And the pursuit of applause has its own dimension, shape, and “purpose,”—just like a spider web.

Spider webs are exceptionally strong and resilient—easily trapping their prey in the intricate web of silk, whose perfect combination of strength and stretchiness makes it—on a pound-for-pound basis, stronger than steel.

Pursuits of straight lines and applause over purpose are life’s spider webs…

…spider webs that will keep you trapped inside…

…that keeps you stuck and rendered motionless in time and space…

…preventing any forward motion and alternative pursuits.

Something stronger than steel, that will eventually steal your purpose and soul.

Don’t take the bait and understand the underlying danger therein.

It’s never too late to begin anew.

The trick is to first know the path you seek and the road you’re on…

…that will tell you exactly where you’re going.

To your unruliness ~

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