1818 Collective: A New Design Hotspot in the Hamptons

Multifunctional, The 1818 Collective is an ever-evolving boutique and event space, as well as a community and hospitality concept, where creative expression is facilitated and celebrated.

In Sag Harbor, the 1818 Collective is a Hybrid Destination That Every Design Lover Needs to Know

Recently launched on the East Coast, The 1818 Collective, a hub for new ideas and good design, is the result of a collaboration between interior designer Kristin Fine (who is at the helm of her studio Fine Concepts) and Analisse Taft-Gersten (founder of the ALT for Living showrooms devoted to textiles, rugs and handmade furnishings—including a location in West Hollywood).

The two women joined forces to bring this creative space to life in the Hamptons‘ charming and chic village of Sag Harbor, which has always been a vibrant artist and writer community. Kristin Fine and Analisse Taft-Gersten both have personal homes in the area that they know intimately. 

The co-founders of The 1818 Collective fell in love with a 19th-century Greek Revival property—which comprises a garden—and decided to transform it into a space that would serve dual purposes: commercial and residential. 

“The starting point consisted in looking at the history of the building, the very special light of the region and the location close to the water,” they say.

Several original elements were preserved, such as the floors, and combined with more contemporary details. 

“We wanted to tell the story of this unique place,” explains Kristin Fine and Analisse Taft-Gersten. “One of the biggest challenges for this house consisted in honoring its past and doing something different at the same time.”

While the ground floor is dedicated to the showroom and event space, two apartments (a studio and a one-bedroom) are situated on the upper floor.

Designers, artisans and anyone interested in the world of interiors are invited to find inspiration thanks to a concept that doesn’t fit into any category. 

A mix of vintage and contemporary furniture, lighting, artworks, decorative accessories, and textiles that Kristin Fine and Analisse Taft-Gersten source all over the world adorns the different rooms in a play of juxtaposition and unexpected balance. 

“The common thread is that you can see the hand of the maker through every object,” they say. 

With the objective of reinterpreting the space several times a year to encourage discovery, Kristin Fine and Analisse Taft-Gersten plan to organize special gatherings, artisans’ workshops, meet-the-maker events and book signings, among other activations. For The 1818 Collective, this is just the beginning.

The 1818 Collective | the1818collective.com

Images: Nicole Franzen Portrait: Glen Allsop

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