Nicole Hollis Latest Book NICOLEHOLLIS: Curated Interiors

San Francisco designer Nicole Hollis has perfected the exquisitely crafted space, having designed interiors for hip hospitality projects and private residences from Marin County to the Kona Coast.

NICOLEHOLLIS: Curated Interiors Opens the Door to the Poetic Spaces of a San Francisco Design Star

Nicole Hollis‘ latest coup is not an open-plan sanctuary, or a chic pied-à-terre, or even her own striking Pacific Heights abode. It’s a monograph of her most impressive projects to date. In NICOLEHOLLIS: Curated Interiors the designer puts on a masterclass, pairing her design philosophy with projects in city, country, and coastal settings illustrative of that creed.

Combining artisanal workmanship and modern innovation, each of these works is a composition of timeless style and material richness, but also of reduction. Nicole Hollis’ aptitude for creating a mood to maximum effect is a cornerstone of her work and insightfully explored here.

These environments are showcased as distinct, but all illustrate Hollis’ feel for nature, her reverence for craft, and her outright mastery of forming alliances between elements, including furnishings, found objects, and interesting pieces. True to form, Hollis has treated this tome with a light touch, composing it thoughtfully while infusing it with a bold artistic spirit. In this way, the book is best considered as an extension of her aesthetic, one of taste over trend, elegant contrasts, and elevated ease.

Photographs: courtesy of © NICOLEHOLLIS: Curated Interiors by Nicole Hollis, Rizzoli New York, 2020. Photography © Douglas Friedman and Laure Joliet.©

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