The Frequency Collection by Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler
Designer Kelly Wearstler
What do a Southern California-based contemporary designer and a Danish brand established in 1904 have in common? Surprisingly, a lot—and a new six-piece indoor/outdoor home collection proves it.

Designed by Kelly Wearstler for Georg Jensen, the Frequency Collection Was Inspired by the Landscape and Spirit of the West Coast

In joining forces, Kelly Wearstler and Georg Jensen created a vase, small and large versions of both hurricanes (featuring handmade glass candle holders), and display bowls, as well as a centerpiece that are all part of spring 2019 launch Frequency.

“There is an energy in the silhouettes, a vibrant movement that comes to life through the beautiful folds in the steel,” says Wearstler, who named the collection.

“Each design is like a sculptural conductor of this living energy.”

Fascinated by Georg Jensen’s attention to detail, modernist spirit and mélange of form and function, Wearstler immediately felt connected to the Danish brand. “Nature and organic forms, craftsmanship and materiality are an essential part of both the West Coast aesthetic and Georg Jensen’s design tradition,” she says. 

“In my design I pay so much attention to the hand of things, the feel and detailing, the thoughtful use of materiality to bring depth, character and life into a space. The quality of material becomes more and more paramount as designs become simpler and simpler.”

Inspired by the beauty of Southern California—especially the coast, ocean, sun and wind—the collection’s six pieces are made in stainless steel, a material that “has a rich spirit and unique luster,” according to Wearstler.

Additionally, the polished surface both reflects light and captures warmth. An undulating effect is visible through the whole collection, uniting all pieces and creating overall coherence.

“The wave motif speaks to the connections Kelly has to her home on the California coast and to the similarities of Nordic life by the sea,” says Nicholas Manville, chief creative officer, Design and Product Development at Georg Jensen.

“The sounds and sights of waves dictate the shared rhythm of our landscapes.”

Innovative methods of metalwork were used to translate Wearstler’s vision into effortless design pieces. Known for her talent in mixing opposites, such as contemporary and classic or masculine and feminine—among others—Wearstler always wants to tell a story through design. With the Frequency collection, her hope is to bring “a sense of magic and a lustrous spirit.”

“The wave is an iconic form from nature and it has a pure spirit that resonates on a visceral level,” the designer adds.


Kelly Wearstler

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