Design A Deux

The meeting of David John Dick and Krista Schrock was the start of a simply beautiful design love story

Written by Abigail Stone | Photos courtesy of DISC Interiors

“There’s a house in Cheviot Hills and one, no, two in Encino, a new build in Beverly Hills, and a midcentury in Pasadena,” says David John Dick of DISC Interiors, who begins ticking off homes all over the city, running out of fingers long before running out of projects that he and his partner, Krista Schrock, have currently underway. Collaborators since 2011, the duo have such a symbiosis that they finish one another’s sentences. “It’s been like that since the day we met,” Dick recalls.

The two in-demand designers, whose work has appeared in Luxe Magazine, Elle Decoration UK and Dwell—just in the past year— have carved out a niche working on interiors that Lonny describes as “warm California modern, with a Scandinavian bent.” Dick likens their style to a woman who wears jeans and a t-shirt with a great necklace. “Not everything in the room can be the showstopper. You need to have a couple of things that are the focal point and the rest work to support those moments.” The hallmarks of a DISC Interiors’ space are variegated layers. The spaces are, in a word, tactile. “I think it was designer Ilse Crawford who said that the most important part of a room is the area that’s 6 inches in front of your hands, what you’re about to touch. And, for us, it’s how a room should feel versus how it looks. So many rooms are beautiful in photos but they’re not rooms you want to live in,” says Dick. It’s why he and Schrock spend so much time thinking about small the things. For example, “Sofa depth, and how high the back of a chair is, and table height,” Dick explains. “How it functions. Where you put down a glass.” Schrock jumps in, “We always tell our clients, ‘Eventually we’ll be out of your life and we want you to be in a home that you’re excited about, but that you feel comfortable in.’ You can like things, but it doesn’t mean that you want to live in them every day. And I think that’s a big distinction.”


This feeling of livability is what draws the pair to natural materials, luxurious textures and rich neutrals. “We’re definitely on the other end of the spectrum than shiny and sleek, though it’s fun to add elements of that,” says Dick. Taking cues from the landscape of their adopted state, California, the pair gravitates toward colors that echo their surroundings. “We’re inspired by nature. You don’t need a lot of color to be impactful,” explains Dick. Grass, hills and intense California light inform the DISC Interiors’ aesthetic that inspired a line of window coverings with Smith & Noble and a quartet of rugs from Marc Phillips Decorative Rugs. “We make rooms that people can live their life in,” says Dick. That certainly sounds like a happily ever after ending to us.

DISC Interiors
6815 Willoughby Avenue, Suite 201, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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