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Teddy and Tiffany Fong Elevate Children’s Furniture with Nursery Works

Written by Joclene Davey | Lifestyle Photos Courtesy of Noah Webb | Product Photos Courtesy of Nursery Works

Los Angeles-based children’s furniture company Nursery Works is rebranding itself with a fresh, cutting-edge collection under the direction of new CEO Teddy Fong. Together with his creative director wife, Tiffany, the Fongs are proving to be the industry’s dynamic duo. With grand plans for the rebirth of Nursery Works, this design-forward company has a very bright future.

Coupling chic design and innovation in both production and work environment realms, Nursery Works is setting standards for both.  “The 25-year-old startup”—as Harvard grad Teddy humorously refers to MDB (Million Dollar Baby) Family, Nursery Works’ parent company, approaches business as such, reflected by the median age at the office, just 30 years old. The Fongs themselves are a match made in furniture heaven, likeminded in their intent to bring to their 25-year-old company a youthful essence; to the workplace, with a start-up viewpoint, and to the marketplace, with a fresh, playful perspective on design and foundational elements.

MDB Family comprises six different furniture brands at various price points and styles. Soon after Teddy took over as CEO for MDB Family, the company acquired Nursery Works and began rebranding the product for the luxury market, focusing on higher quality. For example, the Lydian crib, with a super luxe, 24-carat gold floating frame gracing its front, turns little tots into kings and queens. These affluent cribs are from $4500-$7000; however, within the collection there is one style, the Novella, in the $1,000 range. This crib is a streamlined beauty flexible enough to pair with most décor.


With products like these, expansion is inevitable. “We are looking at growth results from advancements in design and production,” says Teddy. “We are also carrying stock now on all our cribs, even the Gradient, Vetro and Lydian, with the heavier price point. We don’t believe in making customers wait three or four months for their furniture, which is typical in our industry. A baby on the way means time is of the essence and we want to be able to deliver to that expecting mom right away.”

Aesthetically, Nursery Works’ designers blend art and form for discerning customers and are beloved by the design crowd and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Gwyneth Paltrow, to name a few. Birthing the relaunched Nursery Works was the aforementioned lucite Vetro crib, a completely fresh form of crib while remaining perfectly functional, all wrapped up in a brilliant artistic presence. “With25 years of successfully navigating the painstaking standards on children’s furniture, we are able to succeed in creating a completely innovative design like the Vetro, and crafting it to standard unlike most other companies with less history in the marketplace,” explains Tiffany. Launched recently is the show-stopping Ambient Crib. In development for over two years, this exquisite wooden crib with a shape reminiscent of the Disney Music Hall is not only supremely crafted and exquisitely designed, but also raises the industry bar for better design and production capabilities.

Another arena where Nursery Works continues to push boundaries is by exploring convertibility, creating cribs, rockers and other items that grow with baby. The current Novella crib converts into a love seat that is cool enough for adults too. Although DIGS did glimpse at some top-secret innovative ideas still unshared, these groundbreaking styles will launch in 2016.

While seeing an opening in the marketplace and a need for more luxurious options, the Fongs are certainly filling the gap. Already ahead of the curve with one goal in mind—to work your nursery into optimum style—stay tuned to see these young contenders continue to up the ante with Nursery Works’ opulent furniture brand.


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