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We design, develop, and install unique interiors and exteriors that reflect the personalities and tastes of their owners. In the initial consultation, we will lead you through the steps involved in fulfilling your creative vision, and take the stress out of problem-solving involved in construction. Working with our highly trained team, you will avoid costly mistakes. You will be ask to bring photos of your favorite styles, blueprints, the architectural style of the home, and your budget. We will discuss interior finishes, materials and installation costs. At the second meeting, we will do a visual presentation of color images, sample tiles, cabinetry, flooring, and other items. During this process we will point out proportions, design elements, and suggest improvements to the client, architect, contractor, and project manager. After obtaining pricing information from vendors and suppliers, we will present you with an estimate. Finally, we will provide tile and cabinet design maps with all the specifications included. We will sign the contract and start ordering!