Mary Minchella

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I'm a Redondo Beach Real Estate & Mortgage Agent-Broker. I also broker private money, equity-based loans. I work from a boutique real estate office, Beach City Brokers, and concentrate on Redondo Beach as a niche. This is where I live and work and where I grew up: I know it well, which gives my clients a distinct advantage when they are looking to buy or sell here.
I have a creative on-going project, which involves the support and marketing of small, local businesses...showcasing business owners and their shops or restaurants or ingenious ideas. I have a background in documentary film, and have committed to producing small mini-docs about many local businesses and start-ups here in the South Bay Beach Cities (Redondo, Hermosa, Manhattan Beach and beyond). I love to see new businesses pop up, create a great brand and a solid idea and THRIVE. Small business is what makes this area wealthy, stable and marketable, and makes our real estate valuable.