Albert B. Rogers

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    ALBERT B. ROGERS consistently achieves the maximum selling price possible for his clients’ properties. His clients owe their success to two key factors: (1) proprietary approaches that incorporate best-in-class data analytics, strategic planning, and execution--and (2) a corporate culture that focuses exclusively on achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients, one client at a time.

    Mr. Rogers’ approach represents a significant departure from the sales-driven organizations that characterize most real estate brokerages. Few home sellers realize that the real estate brokerage industry measures success (and compensates its agents) based on QUANTITY OF ACHIEVEMENTS FROM THE BROKER’S PERSPECTIVE (such as number of listings taken, number of homes sold, or gross sales volume), rather than on the QUALITY OF ACHIEVEMENTS FROM THE CLIENT’S PERSPECTIVE (such as how much above benchmark values the house sold for). These two distinct strategic imperatives could not be more opposed, and the implications for the home seller more far-reaching.

    Consider the two distinct alternatives: (a) working with an agent whose mindset and longstanding business practices are geared towards optimizing for their employing broker's gross revenue business model or, alternatively, (b) working with an agent whose mindset and business practices are focused on MAXIMIZING THE CLIENTS' PROFITS AND THEIR OTHER PRIORITIES. The end result of such intense focus on the individual client and solving for their unique situation is that the client is able to achieve not only their goal to sell but also their dream to secure the highest price possible in the market.

    So, whereas the real estate brokerage industry as a whole is driven by the BROKER’S TOP LINE, Mr. Rogers, in contrast, is driven by the CLIENTS’ BOTTOM LINE.