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    Your Listing (Sale) Expire. And if you still want sale your property you need to call me today and put it back on the market and take advantage of the sellers' market.

    Helo, My name is Adan Hernandez, I am one of the best agents of real estate in this area and I am here to help you sell your House and Buy your Next . I can give you a Market analysis for your property completely free and without any obligation. Let me tell you a little bit about the company I represent; USA Realty and Loans located in San Diego (But this is my working area). We specialize in real estate (Sale Houses). I am offering my professional help to sale your property. We realize that people do business with people who they trust. If you are ready to move or know someone who is looking to move, I can be the trusting agent to sell your home. Feel free to call me, and we can begin the process as soon as possible. Thank you for your time.


    Adan Hernandez