Real Estate Insider: Arnold Goldstein

More DIGStv  |  Home Tours  |  Professional Profiles  |  South Bay Spotlight  |  Real Estate Insider   Real Estate Insider is a new, cutting-edge video web series focused on top-of-the-minute, hyper-local real estate trends and events in the Southern California South Bay communities Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Every episode covers new and significant luxury home listings, current local real estate trends and statistics, and an interview with an influential South Bay real estate professional willing to lend their expertise on relevant and timely real estate market news. Profiled in the first episode of Real Estate Insider, Shorewood Realtors founder & President Arnold Goldstein commemorates 50 years as a leader in South Bay real estate. Special appearances by Shorewood agents Raju Chhabria (Shorewood’s #1 agent), Audrey Judson (over 25 years as a South Bay agent), and Ed Kaminsky (featured on The Today Show and Good Morning America) make the premiere episode a special 50th anniversary celebration of Goldstein’s career and successful real estate business model. Goldstein lends viewers a rare glimpse inside his stunning art deco Manhattan Beach home and his extensive art collection with wife Homeira, while providing his expert, seasoned opinion on significant existing real estate market trends in the beach cities with a dry sense of humor and personal sensibility. SOUTH BAY DIGS founder and Publisher Warren Dow says, “We are extremely excited to launch our Real Estate Insider Web Series as we continue to expand the video component of our multi-channel media platform.  The South Bay of Los Angeles has some of the most exclusive real estate in the Country and is one of the most desirable places to live in the World.  Real Estate Insider provides an “all access pass” to the South Bay’s luxury real estate community and the players within.”  

After 50 years working in real estate, Arnold Goldstein’s philosophy is still, “love what you do.” Love for his business and love for his life give him an advantage and have since he sold his first property in 1962. Back then, houses in Manhattan Beach were selling for 16,000! Since 1969, he built up Shorewood Realtors to the large company it is today. Doing what he calls “an amazing amount of business” in his time, Goldstein stands by his face-to-face policy of meeting his clients’ needs and says he makes his living by talking to people. Shorewood Realtors focuses only on the South Bay region and is consistently in the top 10 Real Estate companies in Los Angeles. A longtime resident of Manhattan Beach, Arnold’s knowledge of the beach cities markets and his training programs make Shorewood Realtors a company that realtors stick with; many have worked for Shorewood Realtors for over 20 years.

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