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The show that provides access, insight, and guidance on how to best navigate the luxury real estate market in Southern California speaking directly with industry experts, insiders and market influencers to help educate home consumers and improve their home buying decision-making process.

With Warren Dow & Guests

The Market Muse Podcast

Market Muse: Richard Haynes

In this episode with Richard Haynes, Broker/Owner – Manhattan Pacific Realty discussing: ≫The hottest zip code in the South Bay – it’s not what you think ≫Where you will find the best real estate...

Market Muse | June 9th, 2017

Market Muse with Warren Dow reports: Home prices are on fire – and look to continue to stay hot through balance of 2017 The national housing report 63% of homeowners with mortgages have seen a rise eq...

market muse, bob sievers

Market Muse | Bob Sievers

Bob Sievers and the Manhattan Beach Strand Market Warren Dow and Bob Sievers former Wall Street hedge fund manager discuss the state of the Manhattan Beach Strand real estate market, now and into the ...