Instantly Increased Engagement By 1,200% over Competition Which Led to 5 Offers Driving Up Sales Price Up 2% Over-Asking & Selling Home in 8-Days!

We built a marketing funnel that led to massive engagement online. In just 5-days our campaign reached 74K prospective buyers which led to a bidding war driving up the sales price and the home selling in 8-days.

The Brief

Challenge: To market a just listed home online and get it sold during a pandemic while sellers were moving.

Solution: Create a top of funnel strategy and get traffic to it w/ organic posts that lead to landing page with a compelling opt-in.

Results: In 5-days, we reached 73,605 people in the target market; of those 991 people visited the landing page for an average of 2:33 minutes, and we captured 14 leads to add to the client database, and got the home sold in 8-days for 2% more than asking!

The Playbook

Target people with the right message, on the right medium, in the right method and you get massive results (and happy sellers)

DIGS Social Media Strategy(1)

The Results


Sold In 8 days

9.4K engagements


5 Offers


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