Relaxing Outdoors

The best part of living in Southern California is the mild climate. Summer may be officially over on September 23rd, but it doesn’t mean we all tuck in and move our activities indoors. On the contrary, cocktail parties and barbeques still rule our weekends. So, when it Wing comes to buying new outdoor furniture, it’s important to make the right choice.

There are several styles made out of different materials these days.  From synthetic wicker, rattan, wood and metal, your choices are wide and varied.   All are available and locally found, but what is best for you?

First consider your location and what natural elements are affecting it.  Are you near the ocean or a pool? Is your area sheltered from strong UV rays and rain? And just as important, what style are you creating? Remember, ultimately your look inside the house should reflect in the style you are producing outside. Giving your living space a harmonious feeling.

All weather wickers, made of polyethylene fibers, are extremely durable and resistant to UV rays, humidity and water. The color is added to the fiber in cheap nfl jerseys the production process, so it will preserve the desired visual appeal without fading. It is easy to maintain, just hose it down, no repainting or oiling. It has a long life span and can come 100% recyclable. Manufacturers have made pieces in all sizes and forms, making it easy to find the look you are after.

Natural wicker was made popular in the Victorian times when people built large verandas around their houses. It was popular because it was fancier than the existing outdoor furniture. Wicker, also known as rattan is from a vine like plant called the Rotan Tree. It is very elastic and comfortable to sit on.  The elements will gradually break down the wicker making it brittle and break over time. It is better used in a protected outdoor area or inside. It can be painted or stained like wood and is great for creating a traditional or beach like vs. look.

Wood seating is another option in outdoor furniture. Most woods need to be sealed with paint or stain to withstand the forces of nature, with the exception of Teak. Teak is naturally durable in severe weather conditions. Left in its natural state, it will patina, turn a silver grey color. It will not harm the strength of the wood by leaving it in this condition. If you prefer Six the natural honey color of Teak, you must seal it right away. Most sealers contain UV protection and fungicide to prevent mold and mildew (black spots or patches) on the surface of the wood.

Metal-framed furniture is the “Little Black Dress” of outdoor seating. It fits South in most situations and is extremely versatile. Most pieces are made of powder-coated aluminum. The powder coat is applied as a free-flowing powder that is cured with heat. This process can create a wide range of looks and colors. You can find shiny chrome finishes to rustic brown patinas with everything bird in between. Furniture designers and manufacturers have produced this type of furniture in every style you can imagine. Most pieces come with cushions covered in outdoor fabric. This gives you even more reign in cheap jerseys online creating your desired look.  Great in covered or sun-exposed areas, however, the powder coat will peel when exposed to UV rays in 5-10 years.

With all the different choices you have, it is important to go sit, lounge, and hangout on the furniture you are considering purchasing. Don’t be embarrassed to use the pieces in the store as you would at home. Some furniture looks great but is uncomfortable to sit in for any period of time. The way you feel when lounging on your new outdoor furniture, is as important as how it looks. Having an outdoor wholesale mlb jerseys living space to relax in is like adding on a new room to your home. Start enjoying the great outdoors now!