South Bay Digs 10.22.2010

What’s Your Locale?

“We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality”

—Ayn Rand (Russian born american Writer and Novelist, 1905-1982)


South Bay Digs, Issue #2, October 22 2010, Oct 22 2010, Real Estate, custom home

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I’m humbled by the positive reaction our “little” has magazine received in the local marketplace—it’s a validation of the power of print when you give a specific segment of the market, in this case real estate, something that’s truly “all theirs.” SOUTH BAY DIGS was created for the local real estate community as a plat- form to discover, explore and connect. Having the opportunity to meet so many dynamic people, all different and unique in their own way, has been a privilege.

Real estate in the South Bay is truly dynamic—each city has its own “micro neighborhoods” within it. Ever been to “New York Hill” in Palos Verdes? What about the “Hill Section” in Manhattan Beach? Real estate is local – this is why! The diversity in architectural styles in each beach city is amazing—from “tall and skinny” at the beach to sprawling ranch on the hill in Palos Verdes and everything in between.

Don’t miss this issue’s feature profile on former NHL Hockey star and Hermosa Beach resident Marty McSorley as we check out his amazing ‘digs’ on the Strand. Designed by Grant Kirkpatrick at KAA Design Group, it’s a fine example of the distinctive architectural styles that define the South Bay. Enjoy!